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Tips for reusing olive oil

Reutilizar el aceite

Olive oil is the oil most highly recommended by all experts when it comes to cooking, either using it raw for sauces or dressings, to sauté foods or even for frying. However, sometimes we find people who, when frying foods, opt for other varieties of oil whose price is lower because they usually throw it away after using it only once, without realizing that oil olive can be reused more times.

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The Mediterranean Diet reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction and its associated cardiovascular risks

Could the Mediterranean Diet compete with Viagra in people with erectile dysfunction problems? It seems so, or at least that's what a scientific study says, conducted at the Hippokration University Hospital ofAthens (Greece) by Dr Athanasios Angelis and his team, who have researched the relationship between the Mediterranean Diet and the risk of erectile dysfunction.

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Keep good nutritional resolutions throughout the year: 20 good tips to follow

Dieta Equilbrada

Many of us probably decided to go on a diet after the Christmas season, in order to burn off the turrón, marzipan and King cake. We start them with a lot of momentum, we choose a strict diet and ... just two months later, we have abandoned the good intentions, we have put on the weight we lost again, and we are already thinking about the next diet because the good weather is coming and we'll have to be ready for the spring clothes.

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Minority components of virgin olive oil and its health benefits. By Professor José Juan Gaforio

José Juan Gaforio

The scientific community is unanimous in highlighting the healthy attributes of olive oil and this depends directly on its unique chemical composition. What can we highlight in this regard? Briefly, within the major components, so called because they are quantitatively the most abundant, we can find oleic acid, monounsaturated fatty acid with widely accepted health claims.

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